Starting an Interactive Notebook tomorrow!

Kinda excited, kinda scared, mostly hopeful.

I’ve been voraciously consuming blog posts about interactive notebooks in math (Thanks Sarah and Sarah!)  I’m finally feeling brave enough to get ours started in Algebra I.

Starting in the middle of the year.  Did I mention my family creed is “Better late than never”?

It’s a good jumping-in point, though.  We just finished the semester last Friday, everyone is starting fresh, my class numbers are more balanced, and we are just starting to get into the meaty part of Algebra I.  Chapter 6, Linear Functions.

I feel like the first 5 chapters of our Algebra I text are just preparation for The Coming of Chapter Six.  I’m eager to get into it so my students can start actually using all these background skills we’ve been practicing.

Another nice thing is that everything from here on out is material that will be directly revisited and expanded upon in Algebra 2, which the vast majority of my students will take after Geometry.  (Why do we put a year between the algebras?  Seriously.)

So, I have a Frayer Model vocab sheet ready, I have guided notes on slope ready, table of content sheets ready, and we’re just going to dive in!  If I put this off any longer, I won’t get it started this year and I refuse to let that happen.

One thing I wish I had done would be little caddies to set on my tables to hold scissors, glue sticks, and markers.  Putting that on the to-do-sooner-than-the-other-to-do list.




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I'm a 1st year high school math teacher in rural Iowa. I teach Algebra I, Geometry, and Informal Geometry. I'm a big fan of technology and love working in a 1-1 school!

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