New Year, New Blog!


I was recently told about the MTBoS 2016 Blogging Initiative, and it’s a great opportunity to get myself in the blogging habit!

A little about myself: I’m a first-year teacher in rural Iowa teaching high school math.  Currently, I’m teaching Algebra I, Geometry, and a new class called Informal Geometry aimed at juniors and seniors.  I’m big into technology and proponent of getting computer science taught in schools.  I started a new Code Club this year for students interested in learning computer programming and game design.  I’m also the faculty advisor for Builders Club at the middle school.

I also have this persistent problem of over-committing myself.

My biggest challenges that I need to overcome in 2016 are:
1.  Underdeveloped organizational skills.  My room is in a constant state of disaster and I only see the surface of my desk after semester grades are due.

2. Procrastination.  I need get organized so I can grade things right away instead of constantly playing catch-up.  I also need to be better about planning my units out as a whole instead of one lesson at a time.  The day of the lesson.  Five minutes before class starts.  Doing improv through 1st hour.  Teaching a completely different lesson by 4th.

3. Confidence.  I’ve been told this comes with time, but I need to work on it myself as well.  I know that I know the material, but I lack confidence when it comes to “judiciary” decisions, such as dealing out detention.  I don’t like doling out discipline and I wish I never had to, but misbehavior happens and I have to have clear expectations and consequences.

Those are my Big 3, I have plenty of other areas to work on but these are the 3 I want to see the most progress in over 2016.

Excited about this year!

Side thought: I’ve always thought advisor was spelled a-d-v-i-s-o-r, but my spellcheck wants me to spell it a-d-v-i-s-e-r.  Apparently both spellings are correct, but adviser just looks wrong to me.



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I'm a 1st year high school math teacher in rural Iowa. I teach Algebra I, Geometry, and Informal Geometry. I'm a big fan of technology and love working in a 1-1 school!

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